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You control a sphere of fire which melts snow. As you flow around you lose health, which can be restored by burning wood (flowing on top of it) or if you have enough health you can lit a campfire which heals over time. You can shoot fire balls that damage enemies and melt snow. Every action that you make costs health.
The enemies are spheres of ice, they shoot ice shards at you.
Obstacles:  Rocks, trees and other objects
There are 3 different maps. The campfires, wood and enemies are randomly placed.
The main objective is to survive as long as possible.
You are the last source of fire in the frozen world. Stay alive and try to melt the snow that covers the land. Be aware of the cold that lurks in the snow. Stay warm

Install instructions

Download > Unzip > Launch Melted.exe


Melted.zip 65 MB

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